NBA to enforce face mask rules during games,what kind of Face Mask is the NBA player's favorite ?

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To prevent more games being postponed, NBA told all 30 teams it would begin to enforce face mask rules during games starting Friday.

The league said it will impose penalties on both players and staff members who do not comply with the policy.

 NBA will make players wear certain masks when required.Under the new protocols, the league will  require player and staff to wear K95 or KNF94 masks, according to ESPN.

  New York knicks Team wear
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The league is working to get those types of masks sent to teams. At that point, coaches, players and staff can only wear K95 or KNF94 masks. The league won’t fully enforce that policy until it is sure all 30 teams have the proper masks. The NBA still plans to start enforcing more strict mask rules .


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