NYC Prepares to Close Schools next Monday

Posted by Riva Zheng on

"Have a plan as early as Monday," Mayor Bill de Blasio warned NYC parents as the city prepares to move schools all-remote. That happens when the rolling positivity rate hits 3%; as of Friday, it's 2.83%

Mayor Bill de Blasio told parents Friday to have a plan in place as early as Monday in the event the citywide rolling positivity rate hits the school shutdown threshold (3 percent) over the weekend. As of Friday, the rate had climbed to 2.83 percent, the highest number since June 8. The daily case average is its highest since May.

"Parents should have a plan for the rest of the month of November," de Blasio said on WNYC. "Have an alternative plan beginning as early as Monday for whatever will help them get them through this month if school is not open."


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